Childhood Crushes

When I was in elementary, about half of the kids my age were anime enthusiasts who gushed over the anime they watched after school. It sucked for me, because 1. I usually arrived home late in the afternoon when all of the shows were already over, and 2. we had no cable TV. You could only imagine how frustrated I was because I couldn’t relate to my school mates.

And so when the stars favored me by letting me watch an anime, I was always a hardcore fan. Hardcore as in, I wouldn’t shut up about the show and its characters. Sure, I was limited to ABS-CBN, GMA, and Studio 23, but still! I was able to watch a few shows and actually properly mingle with my friends.

Of course, the prepubescent in me would be curious whenever a cute boy showed up in whatever show I was watching, and it sometimes ended in a bad crush over an anime character. I swear, there’s so much pain and tragedy involved in falling in love with someone fictional. ;u;

Let me show you the top three anime crushes I had during my days in elementary… well, one of them has a dear place in my heart, as I consider him my first love. Hahahaha… I’m actually serious.

#3. Slam Dunk’s Kaede Rukawa (Shown on GMA 7)

Are there actually any female Slam Dunk fans out there who did not fall for Rukawa?! His looks! His skills! His mysteriousness! He was the epitome of cool – the silent type who showed all of his hot passion on the basketball court. My raging hormones 13 years back were ready for him.

#2. Beyblade’s Kai Hiwatari (Shown on ABS-CBN)

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that I very much liked him. I remember that he was the silent type, the not-too-friendly senpai who took Beyblade competitions a bit too seriously (but then again, all of them did). I think I liked him because, similar to Rukawa, he was a mysterious stud who took his responsibilities to heart? IDEK.

#1. Rurouni Kenshin’s Soujiro Seta (Shown on Studio 23 as Samurai X)

Oh, good gods. That’s my first love right there. Soujiro is the homicidal teenager who acted as the right-hand man for Shishio, the show’s main antagonist. Soujiro was never unlikable. He was kind, mysterious, and cheerful; heck, he always had a smile on his face! Turned out that it was because of psychological issues, but still, he was always smiling. His optimism was his appeal, and his good looks helped loads, too.

I very rarely watched anime once I graduated grade school, but the feeling of frustration stayed with me – thus my continued interest in video games, animated films, and (a little of) toys. I’ve still a few fictional crushes every now and then, the latest being FFXV’s Noctis Caelum (damn this old man for oozing so much sex appeal) and Mystic Messenger’s 707 (basically my younger self in male form) – but overall, I’ve masked myself in an envelope of but slight fascination. I deny being a weeb that way. Hah!


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