Mystic Messenger (or, SEND HELP)

Once upon a time, a twenty-something named Kring was going through her nightly ritual of reading fan fiction (don’t judge her :(( ), when she stumbled upon a story tagged under “Mystic Messenger.” Curious because of its large number of likes and comments, the female read the story and was immediately hooked. What surprised her even more, though, was the sheer volume of stories categorized under the said tag. Now becoming even more curious, Kring did her research and found out that Mystic Messenger was a mobile game. Of course she had to download it.

Kring regretted doing so; in the following days and months, the female did nothing but stare at her phone, hoping for a notification from Mystic Messenger. She was completely sucked into a system that she had only discovered by accident. And thus she died, and lived a short, boyfriend-less life.



To give the unaware a gist: Mystic Messenger is an otome game (meaning female-oriented game) where you have a harem of ~fictional~ men whom you could woo. There are a ton of games under the genre, but what sets Mystic Messenger apart is its format. Instead of the usual visual novel, you play the game via a series of calls, chats, and messages with a group composed of four boys and one girl. These conversations are interspersed throughout the day for 11 days – meaning, everything happens in real time.

This is the reason why it’s so easy to be eaten by the system of Mystic Messenger. Because everything happens in real time, you always look forward to the next chat, the next call, the next text message. And as there are a total of 5 people to woo, and each of their “paths” take a total of 11 days to finish, you’ll have a grand total of 55 days before you finish the main story. Take note: that’s just the main story. There are side stories, too.

I kind of hate myself right now because I thought I was over the otome genre. Turns out I’m not… hahahaha. What I love about Mystic Messenger is how the characters seem real, sometimes. Each of them have their nuances, their own style of typing down messages, their own deep-seated issues. They’re not believable nor realistic 100% of the time, but they definitely put a lot of otome characters to shame.

That being said, I’m now on my third playthrough and am wooing another one of the male characters. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: that I need a boyfriend! 😥 But fictional boys are sooo much easier to pursue! And I’m pretty sure that once you’re with them, they’ll stay in love with you forever! Hahahaha. /dies a maiden

Mystic Messenger, you’ve completely drawn me in and I hate you for it!!!


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