Starting a new life in Auckland

YAAAS, finally I’m here! After a year of planning and careful consideration, I now walk on the soil of New Zealand, slowly learning about the differences between the Kiwi and Filipino ways of life.

No, I’m not living here for good. I’m here for a year to study Business Management, and another year to try my hand at working in a different country. But I have to say that my life has never been more exciting: this is the first time that I have been far, far away from home (i.e. complete freedom loljk). Every day I understand more about myself, how I live and how I cope, and how much of the bare minimum I could survive with. Oh, and speaking of bare minimum, I could actually eat just 1200 calories a day here, bahaha. I feel much lighter!

I’m grateful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to study and work in a different country. I was initially hesitant about, if not closed to the idea of, being away from the Philippines. My whole life was there. My family, friends, career… I was going to leave everything that I was familiar with and that encompassed my comfort zone. It was only after thinking about the pros and cons, emotions aside, that I decided that trying New Zealand out is a good idea. Really, I’m so glad I pushed through with it.

Because now I see that living in a different country also means that you could start anew. You could shape your own self as you see fit, in a way you never did when you were in your comfort zone. I’ve become like a college kid again, here in Auckland: I’m always eager to meet new people and try new things. In the two months that I’ve been here I’ve already made a lot of friends (but still not enough!) and explored a bit of the area. No two months back home could rival with my stay here thus far, because I have to be brave every single day that I’m here. I’m on my own; my sanity depends upon the connections I make, and my survival relies upon my ability to do things by myself. An insane amount of courage is an everyday essential for anyone who is away from home.

I realize now that staying too long in my comfort zone made me so jaded that I closed up. It made me unenthusiastic about most of the things that used to interest me. It’s refreshing, to be able to open my eyes again and see the world through a child’s eyes. Of course, it’s a bit of a shame that it took a one-way ticket to Auckland for me to be childlike once more, but now that I’m here, I’m happy that I’m making every day count.

Let’s go, me!


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