The Last Person to Know: Rick and Morty

Anyone who tries to discuss movies and TV series’ with me would know that I’m the biggest loser in the world. I have absolutely no initiative nor interest to watch any films nor shows. Game of Thrones? Didn’t make it past episode one. Beauty and the Beast? Yup, haven’t watched that yet. Riverdale? Um, no.

The only times when I take the initiative to watch something is when, 1. I’ve spent a few days being bored to death, 2. I get intensely curious about a movie or a show, or 3. Someone close to me persuades me to do so. With the grand total of two movies and zero series’ I’ve watched this year, you can tell that these factors aren’t great drivers.

Just two days ago, though, I’ve been spurred by the third factor in watching Rick and Morty, a cartoon that, according to my friend, “has a cult following.” I watched the first episode, and it seriously got me hooked.


For those who’ve no clue, Rick and Morty is about a insane genius and his naive grandchild as they go on adventures to different dimensions. The basic idea – about adventures that lead to misadventures – is typical, but here’s where Rick and Morty stands out: the delivery is borderline insane. It’ll leave you equal parts laughing and disturbed. It will also make you wonder why such weird ideas such as the creators’ haven’t entered your mind before (or maybe they did, but education killed them all).

I’m only in episode 7 thus far, but I can say that this is one of the best cartoons I’ve seen in a while. It’s funny and offensive, but not as offensive as Family Guy or American Dad. It’ll make the kid in you squeal with delight, but at the same time you wouldn’t want any child near it. And it will leave you wanting more. That’s how weird, unique, and hilarious each episode is!

If you want to relax and have a good laugh without thoroughly upsetting your sensibilities, then Rick and Morty would be a good show to watch. Take it from the girl who seldom gives a hoot about entertainment media!


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