Chill Songs from Video Games

One of the main reasons why I wanted to play the piano was because of video games. Level grinding is all the better when you’ve got good music to accompany it, no? The added plus is that you also have an addition to the songs that you play in your head as part if your […]

On a Parent’s Love

Incredible things are happening to me, and all around me, while I’m here in Auckland. As I learn how to live independently, I also experience the wonders of being far away from the Philippines. Studying, finding and having a part-time job, filling in hours of idleness: experiencing of all of these in a new environment […]

The Last Person to Know: Rick and Morty

Anyone who tries to discuss movies and TV series’ with me would know that I’m the biggest loser in the world. I have absolutely no initiative nor interest to watch any films nor shows. Game of Thrones? Didn’t make it past episode one. Beauty and the Beast? Yup, haven’t watched that yet. Riverdale? Um, no. The […]

Starting a new life in Auckland

YAAAS, finally I’m here! After a year of planning and careful consideration, I now walk on the soil of New Zealand, slowly learning about the differences between the Kiwi and Filipino ways of life. No, I’m not living here for good. I’m here for a year to study Business Management, and another year to try my hand […]

Mystic Messenger (or, SEND HELP)

Once upon a time, a twenty-something named Kring was going through her nightly ritual of reading fan fiction (don’t judge her :(( ), when she stumbled upon a story tagged under “Mystic Messenger.” Curious because of its large number of likes and comments, the female read the story and was immediately hooked. What surprised her […]

Childhood Crushes

When I was in elementary, about half of the kids my age were anime enthusiasts who gushed over the anime they watched after school. It sucked for me, because 1. I usually arrived home late in the afternoon when all of the shows were already over, and 2. we had no cable TV. You could only […]

The First Step a.k.a Cooking

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve achieved a milestone in my life. I actually cooked. No decent photo because everyone scrambled to get their share! It was that good. Lol jk. Recipe can be found here. It’s really easy to cook, even for a beginner! I’m becoming increasingly alarmed about not having the sufficient life skills to […]