The Cat Returns

I’m on a roll! I just watched one more animated movie since my last post! Not exactly productive… but it made me write a blog post, so still productive! 😀 I decided to pop in another animal-related flick, so I watched The Cat Returns, produced by the great Studio Ghibi. Is it just me, or does Japan […]

The Boy and The Beast

What do you do when you’re home alone, too lazy to engage in your worthwhile hobbies or to start a habit that builds your character? You catch a movie or binge-watch a series. I have little interest in movies or TV shows (which makes me work twice as hard in finding something interesting to talk about), but the exception […]


Over the weekend my family and I went to Baguio, expecting a weekend full of walks and restaurant samplings. But noooo, a typhoon just had to come on those very days. Long story short, majority of the time we were holed up in our hotel room (thank God we stayed at The Manor), marveling at the pine trees […]

Memory gaps

Yesterday, my friend Athena and I talked about time passing by quickly. We still can’t believe that it’s already July, when it feels like we just welcomed 2016 a few days ago. Why is this year flying by so quickly? I then told her that it may be because, as we get older, we become used to […]

To the best friend who’s leaving

To the best friend who’s leaving, If I were to compare you to food, I’d say that you’re chicken soup: warm, comforting, and guaranteed to make me feel better. That’s what you are to me. You’re my home away from home, the cushion that I rest my head on. You, to me, are comfort personified. […]

The Silver Bucket List

Because of the many quotes and posts written about it, I’m certain that I’m not the only who feels like time passes by so quickly. Imagine: we just celebrated the coming of 2015, and before you know it, it’s already 2016. What the hell happened during the past 12 months?! I can’t even remember! (This […]